The Satanist

What wonderous creature is this

Awash in darkened light

'Neath moon & stars

In dark abodes

The ancient soul seeks Power

Dominion o'er the teeming masses

With a glint of mischief in the eyes

A heart so bold

Of predators' olde

Of animalistic pride

Wielding Magic & Wisdom

Innate to the core

Mortal puppets jump at command

To this childe's beckon

With divine thought

A brush of hand

The Darkness spreads across the land.........

A blackened room

The glowing wax

The words are spoken

Baphomet's grant

Etheric Gods, encircle, embrace

The spawn of the most ancient race

With force of Will

And tongue of flame

The Black Earth quakes to the names

Evoked from passion's rise.........

Devil-Father, Daemon-Brother

Merging into One

One black flame alights anew

Hail Me! Hail You!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to The Citizens of The Infernal Empire - the true Children of Darkness.

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