Devil-Father, Daemon-Brother

Satanic Serenades

Amidst the rain & fog

'Neath haloed street lamps did Darkness bear a son

While etheric birth did mote the new god of the masses

Elsewhere, a devil's tail lashed to life

Come through dimensions, trapezoidal manifestation

Daemon-spawn, through Hell's indulgent plateus emerged

The Mephistophelean spirit of the ages

Now black it stands

Shadowing land

The dreaded monumental shape

A tribute to a nativity sublime.........

The year struck Nine

Arose the tines

Thrust deeply in Belial's hearth

Horn & peak, a mighty voice

A scowling ceremony's choice

A noctuary hidden safe

Entrails ever digging deep

A roaring phantom rarely seen

Haunting darkened walls.........

The Black Flames kindled

The Blindlight dwindled

As Love & Birth & Death by Devil's hand

Was cast across the world

Arise! Arise! The word was brought

The everliving statements of Shaitan

The Devil's Hammer pounding fierce

Resonates the heartbeats of the Strong

To smash, to build, for preservation

To move ahead, but to look back

To contemplate what was & is to be again.........

The hordes are born

A generation graced with diabolic wisdom

To pass through flames & purify

Returning to the Darkness that shines in every beast.........

The piercing gaze that met My eye

One dark & gloomy eve

My mind did blend with tongue of flame

The Luciferic torch was sparked

Embraced the God within.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written as a Memorial & Ode to A Sinister Mentor, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey, who has become an Immortal Legend, & whose memory remains in My Black Heart which burns with the Infernal eternal flames of Lucifer.


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