The Night of The Ghoul

On the death of October

When the graves come alive

The werewolf is howling

In the dead of the nyte

Coffins are creeking

Bats take to flight

The vampyre is stalking

Seeking your life

And the daemons come searching

For souls to entice

When spirits are dancing

In Luna's sight

'Tis then you shall know

When you blow out the light

The nightmares are real

'Tis futile to fight

You'll be swallowed up whole

In screams & in fright

Upon this Ghoul's Nyte.........

Cold winds blow the leaves

Decrepid & stiff

And whispers resound

From shadow's abyss

Calling you in.........

Spechtres & phantoms

Watch from the Dark

Witches with black cats

Call out your name

Strange lights in the sky

The stars start to fall

The noises outside

Make your skin crawl

The sun has gone down

The monsters come out.........

The chanting begins

The fires grow high

The torture & pain

Are plenty this nyte

The laughing, the cries

The glimmering knife

The begging, the pleading

Cannot subside

The Reaper must take

His sacrifice.........

Crosses & rosaries

The singing of hymns

Cannot protect

From horrors so grim

The trembling peasants

The cowering fools

Recite words of prayer

On Nyte Of The Ghoul.........

Lurk at the doorstep

Then entering in

Take blindlighter lives

My morbid kin

Hooded assassins

Pentegram chains

Smiling with pleasure

At the blood stains

The ghouls have arrived

From the black rain

To lust & to kill

And drive you insane!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece was written in a satirical format, accessing the Jungian fears of the masses, bringing forth a shadowmantic manifestation.

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