Satan Walks The Night

Satanic Serenades

In solitude, by moonlight's stare

A darkened figure goes walking there

Amidst the leaves, all strewn about

Among the trees without a sound

Save for the tapping on the ground......

A windsept night, an autumn's chill

A shadow stretches across the hill

A stranger walks outside your sill

While you're asleep, while you are still

Where does he go? What does he want? What does it know, why does it haunt?

They say the Devil walks the night abouts

As tall as a tree, as broad as a house

To catch his gaze is to feel his force

To know he's there, is enough, of course

So if you ever cross his path

Stand clear away & let Him pass

Or join him by his side, My friend

I welcome you with Me again......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written in a polemical style, drawn from My own nocturnal constitutionals, & is as the reflective Satanic personafication of The Self.

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