Twisted Trails

The night is dark, the moon is high

To Devil's Canyon we go!

On twisted trails, to the Heights

If you make it to the other side...

Seven miles of Hell await

Some have never left

Here your nightmares come alive

Where stranger things have crept...

Ride on Devil's Canyon Road

Just to see the sights

The hanging man, and Workman's ghost

The Shadow House, the Gates of Hell

The Asylum and the Haunted Hill

Brave the fear for the thrill...

Twisted Trails to you

But don't get lost lest you become

A shadow in the fog...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Ballad of Haunted Devil's Canyon. Among the many mysterious and forbidden side trails throughout Haunted Devil's Canyon, there is a main trail appropriately known as Hellman's Trail, which I have the pleasure of hiking along on several occasions. It is a sort of scenic route where one can see many of the sights depicted.

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