Nightmare incarnate of what they dream
For they are not what they seem
Hypocrites of the blindlight
filling their victims with dread
Twisted desires unleashed...

Thoughtform repression comes to life
Raping and killing is what they would like
Born in a graveyard wracked in pain
Possessed by shadow demons of the mind
Glimpses of Hell, insanity awakened
A killer born beneath the moonlight

Ripping and rending in bloody desire
13 sacrificed by rite of fire
Pentagram carved and drawn in red
Last vision of the demon's face
Screaming, taken by the gleaming blade

Reign in Hell, demon born!
Nightstalker in terror enthroned!
Churches burn through the night!
Nightbreed reign supreme!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Upon the nativity of Richard Munoz Leyva Ramirez. Possessed to incarnate the xianightmare. 

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