Why is it that you can only see the worst in me?

Why don't you find fit to find encouargin words in me? 

I try my best to find myself but you constantly hurting me.

I feel like the only person on this earth left walking is me.

You was sitting on the top of the world but you ca hardly climb a tree.

When faithful people try to help you, you tell them no because the devil you seek.

Now, I'm trying to help you out but you say I'm selfish and all about me.

But I tell you GOD loves you, but you sayif HE does why HE ain't talking to me?

You say you talk to yourself because you are you're on consultant.

You say you mess around with the ladies around the corner when you gotta wife, I say forget it that's adultery.

You say you gotta a nation but live like you own a country.

You say you're tempted by you're friends but sin is in your grin.

I found out that napoleon hill is the study of getting to know GOD.

He is the key to my blessings and if I speak the good into existence my dreams will unlock.

Money flow like waters I just wait at the dock.

By the way I'ma start, finding more light to shed starting by stealing your flocks.

Naw, I'm just kidding

Three days look at you like a kitten 

But a heart stoned with rocks 

Words always twisted because they open when I twist em'

The lie detector detected when she said that, that was yo baby that was a lie

So instead letting it fly by night you let it fly by getting high

So that's why a ticket to hell is always sometimes NEVER postponed 

Becasue yo stupid negative energy that curved in is the DEVILS fair own

In HELL you will groan, groan, and moan

Booo whooooo whooooooooo

What can the devil do for you?

As you can see you can be fooled to.

Soilders travel by day and seek by dark.

It's like you at the beggining but you got a boostin start.

Instead of sasying if I can recall I say if can retart.

We always make excuses for our sins.

But again from the flesh is where we heart.


But it's too unacceptable.

But we know it's expectable.

Because you stupid negative enrgy that curved in is the DEVILS fair own.

So that's why a ticket to hell is sometimes NEVER postponed.

In HELL you will groan, groan, and moan.

Booo whoooooo whooooooo

What can the Devil do for you?

As you can see you can be fooled to.


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