My ode to My Mums Birthday on November 6th 2014

current affairs

hello family how do you do?

just had to write a poem to you
Mums birthday is coming up
shame some USA residents out of luck
there are events called false flags
and they exist in this world: fact
when evil blows something up
a shooting, whatever, then covered up
and then blamed on someone else
as an excuse to tighten belts
tighten a grip on society
by the ones that control you an me
let me give you an example of
one of these to control our lots
9/11, twin towers collapsed
even an ex Italian PM
identified those not making heaven
as the CIA and Mossad doing this
as an excuse to take away our bliss
Sandy Hook, Boston, Ebola too
all designed to keep you
truly scared, in government debt
the elite are not heaven sent
and the next ones on mums birthday
designed to cause maximum dismay
got a 15% chance of not happening
I dont like the odds of the thing
going to be the same drill
innocent excercise rune by shills
same crisis actors too
all designed to dupe you
Its going to be in America
done by those who dont care
Gonna happen in Texas state
a chemical weopon to cause hate
between whites and muslim brothers
everyone in the world descends from
35 mothers!
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