an ode to my kin, about their current headaches and sleeplessness

 Greetings Chris/Ross how are things

this poem is about you suffering

lots of headaches, lack of sleep

I know what your going through exactly

so I thought would write a poem to you

with advice on how to lift your blues


This energy is totally cosmic

as this planet is now being blasted

by vibrations designed to wake us up

don't embrace it and out of luck

our bodies are just electricity

which has to flow freely

through our body to work well

if it don't just causes hell


electric needs earthing too

otherwise will badly effect you

body's need total balance as well

otherwise a constant personal hell

and you pair are exactly the same

I only have one word for it: Insane

our bodies are designed to recover

daily, not one vacation and another


If you don't, blockages build

don’t remove them you just get ill

and that’s what is effecting you

this amazing energy just making you blue

when you should be high as a kite

and celebrating this amazing life

such an honour living in these days

all you pair do is bring on dismay


And you will know soon enough

that our world's controllers out of luck

I went to church the other day

saw through their entire charade

once you know how subconscious works

you will watch every word


you pair are computers, all clogged up

and without a defrag out of luck

I can do only some things

to alleviate your suffering

you leopards have to change some spots

and you can do cos they are your lots

Though you will have to learn 'no mind'

and daily, give yourself quality time

to energise and use this energy

in the way it was meant to definitely


instead of debilitating headaches

and insomnia you have to hate

cos our bodies need a lot of sleep

though be careful with your energy

just before you hit bedtime

like ringing a bell; subconscious mind

Will keep on ringing it

and negative thoughts mean negative shit

will be beamed by your higher mind

when you sleep all the time

I know lots of things like that

learn from my amazing journey of fact


The only other pieces of truth

that will currently help both of you

3 litres of water daily

your weak bladders means lots of wees

but your body needs it now

to deal with all this crazy energy

also earth yourself daily too

on a radiator or use google

and don't stare at a pc all day

in this regard, you need variety


and me, I walk the walk too

drank over 3 litres already, bet you

haven’t drunk even a litre

body needs water to heal

and by the time the day is out

6 or 7 litres gone down my gullet


you can say this isn't healthy at all

yet I feel so alive and walking so tall

and the spring water is alive too

ionised, better antioxidant than fruit juice

I cant deliver to Canada though

I might be in London soon you know

my water is just so alive

really, spring water you got to try


that's all the advice I have for you

leading you to water...drink please too!!

nothing can grab you if you don't resist

includes your whole body's synapses

and beating up on yourself

just causes a permanent personal hell

life is all about free will too

hope this at least resonates with you


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this because i am a channel and soothsayer and i know what is causing their headaches and sleepless nights. the energy we are being blasted with is amazing right now.... we live in incredible times, you will know what i mean soon enough.... ET disclosure coming soon, very soon.


peace xx

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