an ode to a Palm Oil Plantation owner

current affairs

Greetings Mr Hong, how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

you were in my morning meditation

And I know the causation

your in the Palm oil game

and the devastation is insane

caused by your drive for profits

soon you will just have to stop it

wildlife loosing their homes and killed

Raping the planet for dollar bills


No amount of good work can undo

the bad karma dumped by you

on your entire family, all can't

be undone by any powang

by no respect to mother earth

hereditary disease just giving birth

if people realised how bad your oil

production, causing prarie soil

and animal species abused

they wouldn't buy the stuff off you


injustice in the current system

its constructors ain't making heaven

most industry don't care for her

overpopulation is a myth I infer

if we all took just what we needed

harmony would be prevalent

and all industrialists heaven sent


but it really isn't like that

most industry just rapes, that's a fact

the current status quo is good for them

dog eat dog doesn't become heaven

We have just entered the Golden Age

but with war and world dismay

hard to really understand

cos this world is NO divine plan

it's being replaced soon..Understand?


the world has been hijacked by cash

love is the only thing made to last.

money's dying soon, the system too

bet these changes will really effect you

your family's done well, even so

there's loads you don't know

about the true nature of everything

blurred by money and suffering


I would help you if I could

but I am banned from helping, understood?

I am a soothsayer, I see the future

helps to identify loosing Futures

your industrial process is very evil

hereditary disease,your whole family will squeal

this is a punishment from the divine

to anyone carrying out blatant crimes

against our beloved mother earth

without her, we could never have given birth

and you need to look into your soul

the devastation and animal death toll

blood on your hands this very day


our natural environment YOU fritter away

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