My ode to Jamie Johnson



Greetings Jamie, how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

you were in my morning meditation

and I also know the causation

Had not heard of you before

though heard of your family's war

tales of abuse, premature endings

money always causes suffering


And just read up about you

which certainly gave me a clue

about why I was definitely told

to write to you this ode

you make films about disparity

perhaps you can help the divinity

have channelled a movie script

to help rid the world of shit


Capitalism is dying soon anyway

when it does, bright humanity days

in between, its going to be a mess

like jackass eating a shit sandwich

it wont taste pleasant at all

no worry, the wealthy will also fall

they are being robbed blind too

no system investment, none to loose


I am a Mystic, Druid too

the polar opposite of you

An expert in everything unseen

Quantum mechanics is easy for me

But I used to be a trouble shooter

in business, a problem solver

and now with my psychic gifts

am an expert in seeing through shit


And I have worked out that the TV

Hollywood, can work for the divinity

with the right story line and film

can work as higher level subliminal

good against evil, secret and dark

a dark comedy, with plenty of laugh

I got the story line fresh in my head

need the message to be widespread

that the dark cant stand the light

and this world is full of secret shite


the movie is a blockbuster production

don't worry about funding, it will come

my mission control is working overtime

that's why your getting some rhyme

you really must have a heart

otherwise you wouldn’t get my art

of my synopsis happy to share

cos from your film titles, you care


its the secret government fighting against

the good ol' boys from southern states

staying loyal to their southern president

primitive weapons, many heaven sent

ultimately though good wins out

and the people are then in no doubt

an evil cabal been controlling the world

as the golden age is then unfurled

and all the secret tech is sold

to pay back the people's stolen dough


this story then sets the stage

for the forthcoming Golden Age

so when this plays out for real

the people really make a big deal

that the dark must be fought

and their government has been bought

This takes the elites biggest weapon

turns it around, uses it against em

hollywood's biggest grossing movie

subliminally promoting light and humanity


And I have been told your the man

who would appreciate this plan

and would help to get it off the ground

potential to erase permanent frowns

the system is crumbling anyway

would be good to help it on it's way

the 1% structure needs to go soon

when it does a humanity boon


Darren Lovegrove



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