My third ode to Russell Brand

Hey Russell, I hope you are well

though humanity, not so swell

dark times that we live in

program of dog eat dog sin

Universal Mind just came to me

I am getting to you definitely

can do another test if u want

not that the offer is nonchalant


(pick a random disease

from a medical dictionary

think of it/meditate it

write it down

and ask me

what is it please)


tho when Universal Mind

came to me with a remind

I soaked you with a water pistol

at Dublin MTV Creamfield's

My red inflatable cowboy hat

and flowery red shirt: fact

2001 or 2 maybe

or around that definitely


I just thought you were a mouth

a cant stop talking spout

you can talk all you like now

i'm loving your sacred cow

your message of connectedness

is really and truly us

you have an amazing platform

glad your not wasting it at all


And me, where do I fit in?

The world needs a remission of sin

and I got some ways to use

the system to reverse the abuse

Concepts, Channelled lyrics and more

have I mentioned a Hollywood movie score?

All given by upstairs

to shorten our current nightmare


I appreciate you have to dance

some tunes, tread on broken glass

and your platform is quite high

in a system run by money supply

but I really got some neat tricks

your welcome to all of it

your my brother anyway's

you share 99.7% of my DNA


all that is required now by me

is a guitar player; third degree

and a recording studio too

to sing some lyrical blues

and a Hollywood scriptwriter

who's ego is much lighter

than his or hers heavy heart

my 'starter for 10' shopping cart


if you can help in any way

brighten up humanity days

your karma account will be bursting

to full, minimizing the hurting

those connected really do feel

this world of ours, not ideal

harmony, connectedness is where it's at

 we all are connected, that's a fact


(he did as i asked...Rheumatic fever)

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