My ode to Pete Doherty

Greetings Pete, how do you do

just had to write a poem to you

I got your name yesterday

In one of my meditates


Until this morning, never heard

anything of yours, read any words

I do like some of your rhyme

hoping you will like some of mine


richest man alive doesn’t have a penny,

this statements a racing certainty

in the puddles of No Mans Land,

Somme in the summer I channelled a man

who had to crawl over his mates

who were killed the previous day


cos the reason that I write now

to the darkness I won't cow tow

I really cleaned up my act

completely changed my circumstance


I gave up pot and booze

and every single unhealthy food

the difference is incredible

a complete absence of personal hell


I also meditate daily

My vibration is amazing

complete gratitude for everything

amazing for soul settling


It is an important time for all

please think when having a ball

there's a billion people without food

bet that don't effect you

I notice your from Hexham too

hope you never forget your roots


And i'v written a song about

senseless wars the elite tout

and looking for someone to sing

to promote an end to suffering


plenty of suffering in your life

if you ever want to ditch all the strife

come and talk to me more

as unseen expert, I know the score


spirituality is where it's at

and I just happen to know all the facts

the divine wants me to write this

to you to see exactly what gives

and if you like my tune

happy for it to be recorded by you

and all the best from me

magi and master of the unseen


my song entitled wars a racket


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