My ode to Roseanne Barr

belief system

Hey Roseanne how do?

Had to write a poem to you

I’m on a mission too

humanity, lift some blues


I see things others do not

the sick cabal, have had the lot

though Martin Luther King was right

about our current humanity blight


'Those who love peace must learn to

organize as effectively as those who

love war', and I got a good plan

this druid and magician


the world needs a political party

in the politics race; Kentucky derby

where you can trust everyone

and who's policies are not glum


and my plans, this works towards

to even up humanity's scores

with the biggest budget in history

thing is, I don't have a penny


not that I need it off you

assured soon of a break through

but what I do have, higher realms

tell me who deserves the helms


they can tell me just about anything

to do with a persons thinking

and if they are out for themselves

this new party, wont have any shills


tell you, politics of the world

really don't need Howard Stern

I tell you what it truly needs

at the top, a mother bereaved


with good people surrounding her

politicians now just devil may care

other things also to sort out

to ensure a humanity devout


and for fear of a repeat

my poems to others, please read

all the information found there

written by a channel of upstairs


much love from across the pond

about this world, plenty wrong

big changes coming soon anyways

for humanity brighter days


all it takes for evil to succeed

good people to do nothing definitely

thanks for all your efforts to date

promoting a world of love not hate

there’s other things id like to do

some questions to ask you

know any Hollywood scriptwriters?

Who's ego's smaller than their heart


I would like to tell you more

about the divines movie score

I channelled a little while ago

loads you really should know


but if you have the 'nuts' hand

in this world where love's panned

it shouldn't be disclosed at all

no heads up for the controlling evil


who's days are numbered anyway

i'm looking forward to brighter days

and I stand in the light at all times

a full time employee of the divine

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