An ode for those who care

belief system

Loads of caring people do

Wonder if this world is true

To the nature of humanity

When a billion people hungry

And authority Nazi

Injustice appearing everywhere

Gets you when you care


Every direction, divide and conquer

But this is truly bonkers

A collective consciousness are we

At one, all and humanity

Could have fooled me

Doesn’t suit the ruling clique

Afraid of an empowered you and me


Afraid of the African lion roaring

Afraid of humanity soaring

Finding out our true nature

Being a lover not a hater

Not of humanity, being a traitor

A dog eat dog world too

I’m vegetarian, are you?


Our rulers; Cain’s bloodline

Don’t care for our good times

Just thrive on division and death

From our birth to a last breath

The dark has Scripted like Macbeth

There time is up soon

When it is a humanity boon


Got to have faith; entities

Gods and angels love you and me

And are not going to sell us short

Will help this system abort

And to destroy unfair tort

It’s bogus, unjust, selfish ways

Will make way for brighter days


Many still waiting for Master Jesus

To re-appear, come and save us

Religion was never his thing anyway

Just preached good Christian ways

Without a priest or a church

Consecrated ground 8is

Every step YOU take on earth


Wrestling match expected before

Between the conscious rich and conscious poor

Those who’s god is god; or cash

Undoubtedly are going to clash

And the systems bound to crash

But have faith in the light

Any darkness around, it will smite


Just because you cannot see

The higher realms; divinity

Doesn’t mean not working for you

And me, to lift both our blues

Remember this is your choice: Choose

Don’t forget light workers too

And you can do your bit too


Bless everywhere you go

And don’t be a slave to dough

Random acts of kindness too

Always chase away the blues

And don’t be anyone’s muse

Just concentrate on lifting yourselves

And keep on wishing for lifting of hells

Just give them minimal energy

You need it all for yourself you see


Remember also karmic debts to pay

By everyone who’s been lead astray

By the darkness, better in light

Do your bit, keep shining bright

Don’t let injustice or humanity sleight

Lower your vibration at all

Live a positive life and walk tall

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