my ode to programming

My Ode To Programming
By: Me
Written on December 13th, 2012
Programming is being told what to think
news for you, it really does stink
It tells you how to react to
what life chooses to throw at you

we are programmed to see what we believe
not what is there definitely
like a thoroughbred breeding; born to run
keeps you well and truly in the system

to keep on selecting certain realities
which no doubt suit the powers that be
to limit the choices available to you
in order to blind you from the truth

like the psychologist called Pavlov
rang a bell when he fed his dogs
the dogs when they heard that ring
thought 'grub up' and started salivating

news for you, your remote control
is yours to shape don't you know
recognize where your being programmed
and replace it with a higher vibration

then the sky isn't even the limit
it's the start of a limitation 'bin it'
unlocking your built in limitless potential
though if this is sounding mental

your heads in a box fitted on you
your ego and the world hide the truth
and the sooner you walk through walls
the quicker you unlock your potential
and give the boot to personal hells

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