an ode to my bro and his family


Greetings Guys and how do you do
Just had to write a poem to you
Roman at Ankor Wat, are you too?
Such a magical place to use

The best thing about the complex
Not its size, like Birmingham
Or the view over Siem Reap
The best thing is its energy

When I went visiting there
Of spirituality just didn’t care
I was spiritually vacant like you
And had no idea of the truth

I just saw the dollar pollute
And no old people take root
Pol pot killed a generation
With the help of the CIA stationed
please dont miss the killing fields too
a great big earthing of truth

But when I did visit there
My budget for a day 20 dollar
Only stayed for a night or two
didn’t like the spiritually uncouth

also the price of the food
though it may be cheap to you
4 bucks for a main meal
Was a price that made me squeal

Some other things you shouldn’t miss
Sunset at the top of the temple complex
And please buy stuff off the kids
It helps keep them off the skids

I have done stuff, or rather not me
To help you use the energy
That permeates the whole place
So full of the divines grace
Got Auriel and Gabriel to thank too
And the light, all been helping you

But one other thing YOU ALL MUST DO
Go to the dead centre. MUST DO
Of the main Ankor temple complex
And stay there for 30 minutes

There is the energy you need
To make your life go effortlessly
And have an amazing holiday
In these age of aquarius happy days

much love

Daz xxx

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