my ode entitled excess baggage 2


Excess Baggage 2

So you got all your clothes
Your overpriced designer labels
And your off for a pose
Around your local airport
Ready to swap fake tan
For a shade of red or brown

But it’s on the way back when
You have bought loads of trinkets
And bootlegged designer labels
At a fraction of the price you paid
Same people made them anyway

You put your case on the scales
Flying with a charter airline
Who will screw you any way they can
Where did the 5 Kilo come from?
Its all the money your saving
Just call it postage and packing

Wait a minute, the man in front
Must have weighed twenty stone
I weigh half of that
Please can you let me off. My
excess baggage is nothing compared to
The guy in front’s excess food

Sorry to report, rules are rules
Sorry sir, I just cannot help you
Just cos that guy needed two seats
I still got to charge you for kilo’s
Unfair for a skinny guy like you
But I got to do what I got to do

The Moral of this poem today
Fat people, get on planes, need to pay
Then they might not disrespect
Their body’s as much as they do
Not doing any exercise at all
And eating loads of shit food

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