Hello good leaders

from around the world 

glad my story being unfurled

AND plenty want to help

and are asking themselves

How do you do that? 


 i'll tell you what i need 

and if you can seed 

that particular thing put 

out in thoughts and dreams

 right now

Together with

A pass code and

Watch for that in comments

AND in my poetry


 now i need fast cars 

and unvaxxed drivers

 budget for hotels

and occasional dinners 

within a week also 

going to need wages 

and a trailer and truck

Yurts too

Karma free clothing

 lots of good food 

Fresh spring water

 and lots of log fuels 

and mini vans too


In a week or 2 

Lots of magi going to recruit 

within a month or two 

office coordinators

 travel agents 

Lots more vans

 flight tickets 

Got to round up the magical

 right here 

from all around the world

the druids knew 

What they were doing in stonehenge 

they built a beast 

that's the only one we need 

would love to speak to rishi 

all phone lines and email tapped

By mi6 

Who serve the snake

That's how they get their way

Turn the screw

By getting dirt on you


That's not Mr sunak

 the snake get rising stars 

and blind them with gifts and free bars 

and guarantees to win elections

Cue george soros and his crooked voting machines 

because without them 

good guys like trump win at ease

AND tulsi saw through the sham 

ran a million miles away from them 

my advice to rishi

RUN as fast as you possibly can

 i got your back 


but the likes of Macron and Trudeau

Without help wouldn't win at all

AND we got the evidence to prove

The systems rigged

Good guys never win

 because not only have they got 

dominion voting machines 

they are all the papers and tvs 

and anyone they don't want in

Smeared daily just like Putin

Who's standing up

To the nazi scum

Who rule everyone

For their profit

Come and help us stop it

Stand and unite

The aryan Brotherhood dies

My job is beating ai

Do that and

Everyone lives not dies

Speak to Mr p

About the rest

OF the un heaven sent

AND read my

Post and tweets


Twitter GETTR best

It's all true

So come be brothers of blue

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