My ode to all media

only one group left to troll

Because their bars set really low

I'm talking about the mainstream Media

spellblinding us with psychedelia

putting on the grandest of plays

to help manifest the end of days

but it's far from that, a new beginning

being a perpetual liar is just sinning


called programming for a reason

for controlling the people in every season

hypnotizing the people to think their way

when all we long for a brighter days

97% of all the media outs

owned and controlled by the canaanites

the hidden hand that controls all

that want us slaves or not at all


I know to many its just a job

high paid, easy one, falling off a log

you feel obliged to do as your told

calling in you now to be bold

good men do nothing for evil to succeed

backed up by the propaganda tv

all owned by the bloodline of cain

the news stinks

to anyone with half a brain


do you ever doubt the info you spew?

Or just too trusting of your crew?

Someone's giving the msm a bad name

cos state TV is their game

same paymasters as the politicians

where's your impartiality mission?

All journos need to take an oath

to test for truth or just get loathed

public confidence in the media

must be at an all time low


cos all your narratives are falling apart

about the covid scam, just the start

cos when my boss looks into your heart

and finds out your serving the dark

expect some hereditary disease

and your family to suffer badly

just as the people suffer today

cos you got a big part in that play

brainwashing the sheep to accept

the works biggest ever lab experement


it's the 4th Reich Reich here Reich now

and to the dark all editors kow tow

even the one great BBC give a platform to

bill gates, Eugenecist, wants us dead me and you

because he throws them millions, petty cash tin

he funds loads to perpetuate suffering

covid scam, he's covered all the bases

John Hopkins, imperial, and more to up covid cases

he's made a living from making cheap copies

and selling high, big Pharma, Vax photocopies


I tell you how to stop the spread of covid

turn your TV off and throw it

most of the content garbage anyways

that will make for fear free days

one thing about the propaganda spew:

it hides the truth from me and you

omicron is just so mild, funny how every country

had 2 cases, want to see the scriptwriter faces

when arrested for war crimes

whilst everyone else has a nice life




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