my ode to steve lawler


hello steve how do?
had to write a poem to you
Missed you at glastonbury
past my bedtime sadly
my glasto name is ziggy cos
some of by beliefs seem silly
tho its not about that i write
its about the art of recycling shite


the clear up was bad this year
muddiest one ever; now clear
barbour jacket and a caravan
i recycle what i can


your playing creamfields soon
and the recycling is a boon
the decadence is terrible
and the punters more wasteful


the guests there leave loads
and im a recycler you know
everything gets thrown away
also most at glastonbury

(but thats a different story)


im looking for a guesti or 2
for the womble ground crew
wondering if you could help

a hippy with his self-help


and thanks in advance from me
glasto festival recycler and wannabe
womble at creamfields soon
it would for me be a boon
and much love from me
and hope you enjoyed the poetry

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