My ode to Colin Murray



Greetings Colin How do

had to write a poem to you

Average shows all the while

and some stuff makes me smile


Friday is my favourite day

the weekends sporting pathway

with two sideckicks; cockney

All Londoners sound the same to me


Perry Groves the Romfort Pele

his motormouth does not give way

Bob Mills is more laid back

you resident comedy quarterback


I will write a letter to him soon

his postal phase of the moon

in the meantime you get from me

a dose of quality poetry


Am a Cardiff fan for my sins

but we need a few more wins

But for all Mr Tans faults

recent efforts reflect schmaltz


For the club close to me

and Im a Druid too you see

Glenn Hoddle had Eileen Drewery

he was light years ahead you see


And I would love to help the club

that I have got affection and love

but upstairs have slapped a ban

on me helping Vincent Tan


He invests in Palm Oil stuff

which makes the wildlife out of luck

deforestation is carnage

making his upstairs rep tarnished


If he wants to think again

about investments that cause pain

I will do my stuff to aid

the Cardiff City motorcade


But I also work with angels too

May I ask Colin do you?

Cos I cant help those who do not

but they are missing out on a lot


Angels are gods, handy for things

removing bad energy; influencing

but most cant get their head around

this is why Hoddle was dole bound


and they all help for free

all you got to do is ask and believe

and big love from me

Mystic, druid and bard of poetry

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