My ode to Vincent Tan on Guy Fawkes Night


MY ode to Vincent Tan on Guy Fawkes night


greetings Vincent ow do you do?
Just had to write a poem to you
sent it to the echo too
cos now not so proud to be blue


the football fayer is boring
if i came would just hear snooring
and loads of people yawning
instead of the old days roaring


three thousand at ninian park
louder than CCS's bark
its a real shame a low bench mark
so what are you a loan shark?


Cos as long as your still in charge
the crowd wont re-enlarge
dissolusioned by and large
with the poor football discharge


and the poor club management too
top to bottom picked by you
none up to the job too
not just my point of view


fans voting with their feet
pressing their ejector seats
you blew it, beat a retreat
your style is now obsolete


the best thing you could do
for the city and the fans too
is to gift the club: do
to the fans of the blue


turn your back, walk away
with thanks for saving the day
when the club nearly burnt
like a fire on Guy Fawkes Day


in return a life presidency
would be given to thee
wouldnt need any more money
local support would return definately


cos when you break a plate
and certain actions cause hate
when you glue it back non-au fait
not the same, change of state


and you have broke it several times
the shirt change was a crime
and the management; high time
it was changed quick time


i wish we could go back up
but as it stands lots of luck
requred, shades of a lame duck
mid table, stuck in a rut


future is in your hands
initially, you came as a magician
and loads of flags Malaysian
now all ther is; abrasion


you never come any more anyway
more glam at LA Galaxy
so please heed these words from me
gift the City to the City please

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