The most evil

Of all the days.

When evil creatures

Can come out to play.

Kids laugh out loud

And play mean tricks.

Tee-peeig houses

Throwing rocks and sticks.

While grown-ups drink

And dull their senses.

And the crazy are left

With supernatural lenses.

Ghosts run rampant

And seek their revenge.

Vampires drink freely

As if on a binge.

Werwolves can all howl

And freely bite.

So even more can join

These creatures of night.

Witches fly on brooms

And cast wicked spells.

Demons condemn you

And drag you to hell.

Black cats cause mischief

And ghouls steal canes.

While zombies can party

And feast on brains.

And these creatures so evil

With words that flood.

Seek one that can save them

With virgin blood.

They will slice her to pieces

And each take a drink.

To join our world for 5 more days

Way longer than we think.

That is why I sleep with the moon

And rise with the morning lark.

Because I for one have a reason

To be afraid of the dark.....

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