Is a fear of seeing blood.

That never stopping 

Red torrent flood.

I never used to fear it

When I'd prick my skin.

Longing to see the red beads

Wherr the stream would begin.

But then the day came

Of my brother screaming in pain

A huge gash in his hand

In buckets the blood came.

My brother decided not to listen

And to be a little ass.

Refusing to clean up the bottom stair

Covered in broken glass.

And then I was in my room

Playing board games

When I heard my brother screaming

"Help me!" And calling out our names.

No one moved to help him

My brother was known for his jokes

But then my father screamed 

And my mother began to choke.

My other brother and i came over

And bile began to flood.

Because all the way around the house

Was a thick long trail of blood.

They rushed him to the emergency room

Leaving me at home.

And I had to clean up his mess

All on my own.

my hands were unhurried

As if my motions were like mud

And from that day I'd go nuts

At the sight of blood.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Exposing my fear like DreamingNightmares did.

Hers Claustrophobia

Mine Hemophobia.

Timw to let fears fly free!

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