You're Toxic.

Pain and Heartache

You are like the most deadly form of poison

the kind that tastes so sweet.

Dripping a little into my system

each time we dare to meet.

You're like a venomous snake striking me

causing my heart to slow its beat.

Like shards of glass splayed on the ground

that dig into my feet.


You wouldn't believe all the times

I tried to cut you off.

But you never believed in my attempts

with your half hearted scoff.

You're the wicked witch's bright red apple

with its demonic gloss.

Making blood leak from within my soul

and it is that which I cough.


But despite all that I tried to love you

struggled to keep you near.

But all my heartfelt declarationsm,

is what you refused to hear.

Instead you chose to cast me far away

and drown yourself in beer.

You could never love anyone besides yourself.

at least that much is clear.


But your voice kept calling me back again and again

with its tone so hypnotic

bringing us together once again unaturally

with forces that must be cosmic.

Whispering sweet nothings that I want to hear,

making this thing we have erotic.

But I have to fight against you harder than before

Because when it comes to me, You're toxic.


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