She Who Was....

The moon rises high

way up in the sky

Shining an irradescent blue,

no one can explain way

It sings to small children

and calls them from bed.

And provides them with words to sing

that mysteriously flood their head.


"Mother Moon way up high

Stranded alone in the sky.

A more lonely mother there could not be.

So come to the ground and walk with me."


And then the moon disappears

and no on sees where she has gone.

But then they see a shining light in the forest

not after too long.

A long woman walks cloaked in white

her eyes shine and irradescentr blue.

And though there is something unnatural about her,

She has a weird draw on you.

So you step closer to this woman

completely unafraid.

Marveling at this strange woman

that a child's song has made.


Instantly you fall in love

and you never want her to leave.

But then she's gone forever

before you have the time to breathe.

You tell the children to sing again

but the magical words are gone.

Until the woman in the sky chooses

To give the words of her Moonsong

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The moon personified I guess.

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