She Who Was A Crystal Statue

She Who Was....

There was a girl,

of beauty untamed.

Cursed by a warlock,

who is dangerous to name.

She was a beautiful girl,

one with skin so fair,

with locks like the golden..

sands of egypt that we call hair.

And her eyes were so blue,

as if they held the sea.

and lips the color of cherries,

that could captivate even me.

Her parents noticed this,

their daughter of angelic beauty.

But didn't think to hide her away,

for that was not a parent's duty.

So one day while she walked the field,

the warlock came about and saw her.

He complimented her superior looks,

and offered her rich silks and fur.

He said a beauty like this,

should only belong to him.

That she could brighten his lonely world,

which was becoming increasingly dim.

He knelt before her with a diamond ring,

and asked her for her hand.

She, as politely as she could, denied.

Saying that he was not her dream man.

This warlock became VERY enraged,

"Who needs love when you have money?

You shall never have the man of your dreams,

especially if he isn't ME!"

And with that her raised his arms,

and cast an evil spell

and turned her into a Crystal statue,

who would never truly be well.

He said if she ever admitted out-loud she loved,

or accepted another's hand.

She would break into a million pieces,

a knight's honor be damned.

And with that he left the girl all alone,

as glass she was cursed to walk.

And it sounded like gravel in her throat,

when ever she dared to talk.

She was afraid to be outside,

when she feared she was so easy to break,

and though she adored her morning walks,

it wasn't a risk that she was willing to take.

So she stared for her window above,

and watched the light shine threw her.

And what came through her body,

was a beautiful rainbow of colors like no other.

And she wept and wept for herself,

because she could never be able to love

or experience what it would be like

to have her heart soar like a dove.

And from below she spotted a man,

who was looking upon her from below.

He walked about with a limp,

but held something beautiful, a glow.

Now both of them were crippled,

but in two different ways.

Her made of glass, him injured

which is what made them talk for days.

She felt herself slowly falling,

for what she didn't exactly know...

but she couldn't even push him away,

though she knew this feeling would grow.

So months went by and they only talked,

but he was building up to something, she could see.

Until one day he crushed her fully and said,

"I love you. Do you think you love me?"

She shook her head slowly,

though she truly knew this was a lie.

She could never say the words aloud

because she feared that she would die.

She expected this man to be angry,

and to quickly turn away,

But he said he'd keep on trying

because he was here to stay.

She decided to test the waters,

and try to find a way around

the curse of the wicked warlock,

so she uttered her first sound.

"S-say I feel the way you do,

but the exact words I cannot say.

For if I do I shall shatter,

and you'll sweep up my pieces today."

He understood what she was saying,

and he was sure that he could help.

So he ran far across the land

and called out to a good warlock, with a yelp.

The warlock said he could not change,

what spell has already been done.

But he thought he MIGHT be able to change,

the true and final outcome.

He gave the man a potion in his hand,

for his lady fair to drink.

And while she did he gave the man,

some magic words to think:

"You who cannot admit love,

for fear that you will shatter.

May we change your final fate,

so only the glass will splatter.

And we must wait once again,

until this day is done.

then we may finally be together,

and join our hearts as one."

The man thanked the warlock,

and ran away though he didn't understand.

He ran until he reached his love,

and slapped the potion in her hand.

He told her what the warlock said,

and told his lovely love to drink.

and while he did he watched her face,

and the magic words he dared to think.

When she was done she looked relaxed,

though he could tell her soul was battered.

So then she uttered three simple words,

"I love you, my love." and she shattered.

He cried out in anger, the warlock lied,

he kicked and punched the wall.

Then he laid in her bed and drank a mild poison

if he didn't have her he didn't want to live at all.....












So both lovers laid there in the room,

both settling in with what seemed like death.

Until the sun rose the next morning

and together they inhaled a shallow breath.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well that was a wicked plot twist, wasn't it? ;D

Let me know what you think of this little story

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