Love and Hope

Life is a cruel mistress

,but we love her no less.

Though she may sabotage us,

making life a mess.

She can hold us close on day,

we're on top of the world.

Then she socks us in the gut

, her lips an angry curl.

Oh, life is a wicked bitch

, the coldest to walk the earth.

And yet we forgive her trespasses

with smiles full of mirth.

We love her with our every fiber,

we hate her even more.

How can she bless others with good fortune,

the twisted lying whore.

I could say I don't understand,

that I cannot deal with this,

But when life deals us a better hand

we long for her kiss.

So yes I do understand

, though that doesn't make it right.

For when she bewitches others,

my days darken to nights.

I cannot bear to leave my bed,

I shudder to leaving my room.

Without my love's gentle g



 I may meet my doom.

But then she's back again,

I turn away lying "I hate you."

But she carresses my head sadly

whispering "Honey, I know you do."


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