Naked on a Cliff's Edge.

I gaze longingly from my high place,

down at the water bewitching

as it slams against the rocks.

Oh how I long to submerge myself

deep within its cooling depths.

Oh, to feel my body chilled,

crying out for warmth.

I fantasize about the clicking,

Of my teeth together as they chatter.

I visualize the water as a flustered man,

one who isn't sure of love only pain.

One that wishes to drag me deep below,

to drown me in his misfortune.

I stand here unashamed,

Naked on a cliff's edge,

staring down despondently at the water.

Yearning for it in a way,

That borders on pure sensuality.

The tide is surging upwards,

as if in response to my thoughts.

I want it to take me by the hand

then forcefully yank me beneath its depths.

Oh, how I long to feel its cooling tendrils,

wrapping around my lungs and squeezing,

Choking the air from my lungs so sweetly,

I imagine being dragged beneath its depths,

And with that i plunge....

Naked from the Cliff's Edge...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is mainly a poem about suicide but also about a woman who finds it oddly alluring and sensual. SO enjoy and give feedback :)

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