Heart Break Hotel

Pain and Heartache

Welcome to the Heart Break Hotel.

Where our Pent House Suite is a padded jail cell.

In your room there's a phone so you can wait for the call

But it will never come and all you do is stall.

Where you can be lonely and sad

Wishing again for the love you never had.

Where on the pillows there is a candy heart always asking, "Will you be Mine?"

Reminding you of all the years you spent without a Valentine.

Rose petals leading from the door to the bed.

A heart shaped headboard lingering over your head.

Red painted bathroom to set the mood.

Gourmet chef sending up two plates of food.

In your room with no one else.

No one ask why you are by yourself.

Chocolate covered candy's for dinner with love notes for dessert,

So much love in the air it really starts to hurt.


So long as your past relationships and flings have not gone so well...

Remember that you will always feel Welcome at the Heart Break Hotel.

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