Shawty was Fire

Love and Hope

Ooooh, she was fire

hips swinging like a fanned flame.

Feet pounding the pavement 

Suga' daddies wanting her name.

Damnnn, baby was cold

ain't giving you the time of day.

legs long like stilts,

people watchin' her ass sway..

Ahhh, girl was smokin'

like a black cherry cuban.

but wouldn't look your way,

would have you wonder who she screwin'

Ooooh, shawty is fine.

but her stare is like ice,

even though her body bad...

she make a nigg@ think twice.

Baby knew the game,

knew these streets held grime.

She a bad chick today,

but could get dropped like a dime.

Shawty knew she was fire

and had these dudes starin'

But she wasn't stuntin' they presents

or rockin' what basic hoes be wearin'

Nahh shawty was cool

like water over hot coals,

she had her own mindset

she got intelligence and goals.

Shawty knew she had destiny,

that ain't include no dude from the hood.

She wanted a down home boy

who just wanted to love her real good.

See Shawty ain't tryin

to visit no baby daddy in jail.

Feenin' for a longer visit,

Wit' letters lost in the mail.

Baby was a a smart lil' diva

goin' to school and payin her way.

Even though she was bone tried

fell out sleepin each day.

Girl made it clear she ain't want me

said I was "a common dude from the block"

But I kept on persuin'

wanting just an hour on her clock.

I bought her gifts wit my money

though she made it clear she had her own.

I told her I knew what she had,

Cuz baby girl was sure grown.

She told me keep that in mind

or our "lil' fling" would expire.

But I ain't tryna lose her at all

Cuz Shawty was fire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the spelling and "slang" is purposefully done... for a more... downtown, where i am from feel to it

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