Being Bruised

Annie's daddy liked to hit her

I guess it made him feel big.

To smack around his daughter,

who was built like a twig.

He'd bite her in places,

no father should touch.

Always apologizing later

saying he loved her too much.

He had broken her arm

and busted her lip,

claimed she fell down,

when she dislocated her hip.

But then it got worse,

as her body matured

You couldn't begin to imagine

the pain she endured.

She'd show her bruises,

to a nurse at the school.

who accused her of lying

and called her a fool.

Then Annie got pregnant

and no one could doubt

her father was the father

the disgusting old lout.

She had a miscarriage

when she "fell" down some stairs

and nearly died herself

causing some scares

Her father continued his torture

didn't care she was his own.

Until she took matters into her hands

when they were alone.

She shot him twice in the head

ended up on the news.

Her confession was simple, 

she couldn't take being bruised.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a poem i wrote when I was reading an article. So yeah..

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