The World


What kind of world do I live in?

Is there anywhere safe I could hide?

I'd take a troll under a bridge over a rapist in an ally any day.

A place where you don't have to worry about your boyfriend or girlfriend wanting sex, at your age!

And drinking? Why risk your life and risk jailtime instead of wait till you turn 21?

And don't get me started on drugs.

What I hear at my school scares me.

I didn't realize how little I knew my classmates.

I won't repeat what they said.

They joke about it now. People over 20 should be the ones joking! Not teens that I know.

The world I live in scares and confuses me.

I don't know what to think.

I read my books and watch my movies.

And I wish I was there. Constatnly putting myself into my favorite stories.

My head is often in the clouds.

I know if I ever learned any mythical beast was real, dragon, griffen, unicorn, giant, I just might cry. More for some than for others.

And if any of my favorite characters from books or movies?

I just might die.

I really think, truley, that I would prefer any other world that this one.

A world were not knowing the dark secrets of the people I know was the least of my worries.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I heard my classmates about how they had sex, who was really wierd drunk, and I was amazed at how little I really knew my classmates. Kind of long, but I feel that way strongly.

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