What Jenn has brought in my life and what she means to me?

Jenn and Girls

Jenn has brought love.. Not just any love the true love of a sister. The love that every girl should know. The love that keeps you awake all night talking on the phone because you want to be sure that the other Person is okay. We would both do this for the other.

She has given me the chance to see someone who is truly empathetic however knows how to separate from her own feelings.

She has brought the chance for me to be an aunt to 2 very beautiful little girls.

Jenn has brought a light into my life that I never knew I could have. She has created a person who actually wants to try hair and makeup. Someone who wants to embrace who I am?

She has made me smile more in the past 2 weeks than I have smiled my entire life. She has listened to me and loved me no matter what

When I met Jenn we were both members of an online support group for women with Endo. She was doing what she does the best and advocating for someone. Helping is what she always does.  
There was something about Jenn that made me reach out to her. She seemed so real and genuine. Come to find out she is.
Jenn is one of the most real and genuine people that I have ever met. She loves so deeply that sometimes it hurts.

She has taught me that it is okay to love deeply. And if people can’t accept it that is on them not me.

She is an amazing Mommy to her daughters. She is an amazing friend and sister to me. She is an amazing advocate for women all over the place. She is a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to have her in their lives.

Jenn thank you for being in my life. You are the most amazing sister ever and I am so glad you are mine. We will be friends and family forever now. You will NEVER have to face anything alone again. I love you more than words can explain. You and the girls will have a special place in my heart and life always.

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