My Father’s Music Collection

Since I was a young child, I remember my father enjoying to a lot of music everywhere he was. Whether it was rock music, whether it was classic music, whether he was on the car on driving our way to school, whether he was at home relaxing from work at the living room, or whether we were on road trips in vacations, he was always listening to some great music from various artists, like The Who, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, and many more great artists from his Music Collection. Throughout good days, bad days, sunny days or rainy days we could always count on having my dad hearing some music of his collection. He indeed is a music fan, and a very big one. He has a great and big collection of cd’s, vinyl Records and Cassettes, all of them full of rock music, he enjoys a lot (And I started to enjoy it too) and really care of them. When some cd started to have trouble, he tried to clean it with a special kit for cd’s, and if it doesn’t work, he searched for it, and bought it again so he could listen to it again. He has more love for his vinyl records than the cd’s and cassette tapes because they’re hard to find and they have great music on it, sometimes I could start the vinyl Reproducer and set the record, but I was very careful so I didn’t damage it. His collection it’s still getting bigger, even though nowadays he can search for every song he wants on the internet on apps like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube he stills likes the sensation of having the cd in physical form and having the boxes in the car or in the house, so whenever he wants to listen to some rock classics, he could do it easily and without problems. On happy days he is used to hear some rock songs from Queen or The Rolling Stones, on sad days he likes to calm down and relax with some John Lennon songs, it doesn’t matter how is his mood, or the days mood, he is always listening to songs from his collection. My father loves collecting music albums to listen them when he has time, he doesn’t care about other people telling him to switch to digital or disliking the music he listens, he just cares about being able to listen the albums he has. 

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