All To You

Always gotta hurt one
to love another
over sideways and under
always gotta love
to be loved
always gotta hate for love
of others
gotta be the one
that you never was

And I just wanna shout
scream out your name
wanna cut out my heart
give it to you
just wanna go insane
'til you scream my name

There is no pleasure in darkness
manifested hate all around
for you me and the world to see
you think you're alone here
but you're not
I'm right here with you
all you gotta do is turn around
to see I'm right here

Repeat Bridge

I wanna scream
I wanna shout
I wanna give it All To You
don't wanna die
just wanna live
I wanna give it All To You
all my love
all my hate
all my shame
all my pain
all my everything
all my forever too
I wanna give it All To You

I'm ashamed of myself
and all the things I put you through
I'm ashamed of the things
you did too
I'm slow to learn
but I figured it out
turn about's not fair play
eye for an eye
just makes the whole world blind

Repeat Bridge and Chorus


Repeat Bridge

I wanna cry
break down after every dream
I have about you
I wanna run
but I'd only be runnin'
from you
and everything you are
I can't break away from you
you got your claws in
on my heart and soul
and I can't let go of you

Repeat Bridge and Chorus

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ever wanna give your all to someone? I guess this was sort of my crazy way of wanting that when I was in early adulthood and alone. Years later I would figure out that no matter what you're not ever alone. God and Jesus are always with you!!

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