Blue Eyes


It's within your heart and soul

all the things you keep hidden

deep inside

it's the things

no one knows

the things you don't talk about

'cause you just want them

to go away



It's the way you feel inside

when you hide all the pain

with no lies

when you keep all the pain

and heartache

deep within your mind

your heart and soul

and you feel

like you can't

take that much more



Will you ever take time to heal

from everything that hurt you

will you ever take time to feel

the way you should feel

deep inside



Just let me look into your

Blue Eyes

let me take away

the pain you feel inside

just let me look into your

Blue Eyes

let me try to save you

from the hurt and pain

let me try to heal you

from everything

you feel inside



They say love is blind

but I don't believe it

unless you close

your minds eyes

unless you close

your heart completely inside





Nothing's gonna feel the same again

but believe me

I know you're gonna love again


Repeat Bridge and Chorus




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