Cries In The Night


I wake up in the night

with you on my mind

feeling the pain

of you no longer being mine

you chewed me up

and spit me out

you hung me out to dry

I made a promise

that I wouldn't go there




You're like fire and ice

you heat me up

then you cool me down

then you send me

crashing to the ground



Cries In The Night

Cries In The Night

I can't take this pain

I need to walk away

Cries In The Night

Cries In The Night

you lift me up

then you send me crashing down



You stuck a knife in my heart

I should've known from the start

you were nothing I needed

everything I thought I wanted

then with the turn of the knife

you made me wanna die





You were nothing more

than a huge mistake

another step

I don't wanna take

get out of my life

you got nothing I want

nothing I wanna take


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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