Face In The Mirror


I'm out on the road

I'm out on my own

with no one here to hold

it's been too long now

I just wanna go home

home to you



I'm not who you think I am

for you

I'm more than a man

I'll get home to you somehow

I thought you would know

by now

I wanna tell you

I wanna tell you



I love you

more than words could ever say

I wanna touch you

I wanna hold you in my arms



I can't look at my 

Face In The Mirror

when you're so far away

when you're so far from me

I can't look at my 

Face In The Mirror

without you here

without you here



I'm here praying on my knees

pray God please

let me go home to my wife

I miss my kids

I miss all the love

they give





Now I'm home

where I need to be

next time I go

they're coming with me

so we never

have to be apart


no no

no no



Repeat Bridge and Chorus




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Face In The Mirror" is another song I wrote a long time ago. My friend, Rocky Salyers came up with the title. I put lyrics to it. Once again, years later, I decided to put new words to it and take it in a different direction in my heart and soul on how I would feel if this were me.

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