When Fantasy Becomes Reality


In my mind

all I see is you

standing there in nothing

but your baby blues

you look at me and smile

pretty as can be

take me

just take me

just take me



I can see it in your eyes

the dirty things on your mind

take me for a ride

let me kiss your lips

and make you mine



It's all in my mind

it's all in my dreams

this can't be reality



I wanna be with you

I wanna see you through

I wanna be right there

with you

'til the end

I wanna be next to you

you're all I want

you're all I need

When Fantasy Becomes Reality



Deep in my heart

I see you

you play with my soul

like it's something new

a new toy

just for you

just for you

just for you


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



This can't be

you're in my bed

you're in my head

you're running through my vains

you're driving me insane





Temptation isn't always

a wonderful thing

but here I am

I can't get you outta my head

I can't get you outta my dreams


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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