I hear the sound in your soul

saying you won't let go

of the heart in need

of your love

my heart needs you

more than anything

it needs to be

just you and me



That feeling inside

I get

only when you're around



You tame the beast

you tame the demon

inside of me

then you take me for a ride

inside your heart and soul

inside your heart and soul



It's your Voice

that gets to me

like no other

you see

it's your Voice

that makes my heart speak

makes my soul scream

it's your Voice



How can I feel this way

feel the love inside

and not run and hide away

inside your mind

when all I need 

is to be in your heart and soul

where it's safe

where the young

never grow old





It's by faith

God brought you to me

this way

always understand

His saving grace

never misplace Him

'cause He makes no mistakes


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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