My heart and soul belong to you

I know that someday God will pull us through

All the good times and the bad

All the craziness we had

When it was only me and you

I keep praying

I keep holding on to you

I know that God will see us through

The open door

For me and you



I close my eyes again at night

I feel your heart beat next to mine

Put on your Angel wings and fly

But don't forget me here tonight

Wrap your arms around me right

Let me keep you warm tonight



I'll always hold on to you

I'll never let you go

I'll never let go of you

'cause there's a place

For me and you



Here we are in the Light

Staring God in the eyes

Here we are for the world to see

As God shines His Light

On you and me

It's His Light

For us to see

That He's always here for you and me



And if we should ever part

Know He won't leave us in the dark

We'll see His Light again someday

In Heaven

Where His Light never fades away

We'll be here forever someday





If we should ever spend years apart

Know that someday

God will repair our hearts

We'll be together

We'll never part


Repeat Bridge and Chorus

...If we should ever part

Know that someday

God will repair our hearts




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