My little yellow handbag

My Little Yellow Handbag


Oh my little yellow handbag
My friend from years ago
Just how much I miss you
I guess you'll never know


You often travelled with me
And saved me from despair
Sometimes I was sad or lonely
And so glad that you were there


When I'd had one to many
You used to slur my talk
Then I'd have a couple more
And I'd do the Herfy walk


But now you've gone and left me
By the unkindest quirk of fate
And I am left here drinking
English beer I blooody hate


Though we are not together
The way we always used to be
I know you've many others
Who love you just like me.

DJB 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The "little yellow handbag" was the soldiers nickname for Herford Brewery's handy pack during the cold war.

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