My dreams have left me before,

My hopes have hung low, over and over,

In this world of fear and turmoil,

All we all can do is fight the best we can,

So we have broken that which should be most precious to us;

In heart, in deed, in society and life;

So this is how I fell into my nightmare and,

My soul remained here to pay the bills and,

My body remained to pay the toll and,

My spirit was reduced to a whisper of a hope for relief and,

I, in self, died...

But my dreams have left me before,

And my hopes have hung low, over and over,

I didn't know I was still here but I was,

Shortly after the august rush,

I laid in all of my love's company,

And realized how truly beautiful and worthy of anything...

Including my supposed deaths,

...they were,

Now I find myself in hopes, dreams and,

In body, soul, mind and spirit,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just want to express where I am tonight.

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