Shooting Stars

Does anyone have any idea how hard it is to find love?

It's not your average hottie that walks by,

No, they're still hott but they're not it,

You'll know it, you'll feel it in your guts,

You know you're in love when their feelings for you,

Are a mirror-speech of exactly how you feel,

You'll know it's true love when you'd do anything for them,

And you see that they would do the same for you,

True love is like a shooting star,

They only come around a few time in a lifetime,

When you notice it it's at it's most spectacular,

And if you blink, if you hesitate to wish for what you really want,

It will be gone,

Grab your star and hang on tight,

They're a wish come true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this sounds soooo cheezy, and maybe (only maybe) it's just the tylenol talking, but at this moment as I write this poem I'm being honest from experience and this poem is truly heartfelt.

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