Dreams Out Of Focus

The Discard Pile

As I put pen to paper and thoughts to focus,

I end up falling on you and my heart leaps,

Now I'm not sure if that's good or bad,

But I feel something,

Which means that makes you that much bigger,

That much more crucial in bigger pictures,

This much I know and it scares me,

I'm sure you must think I don't think much about you,

And maybe I won't sometimes, but other times I can't help it,

I don't know if that's good or bad yet,

But I know I feel something,

I can't make you go away,

It's not like I want to anyway,

But I'm still afraid,

Maybe tomorrow when I figure this out,

When I somehow manage to handle this bout,

We can sit together and have a drink,

Without having our trademark fight,

Maybe someday I'd have faced my demons,

And in all those night maybe I'll be dreaming,

Of you (just you), and not these wretched nightmares.

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