The Call

He ran to the phone,

Who could tell she was on the other side,

All he knew was he wish it were her,

On the other end of the telephone line,

He almost blurted I'm sorry,

Before he could find out who it was,

A soft voice spoke almost resonating in him,

I was the woman he loved,

And as she spoke he began to smile,

Then her began to shudder,

A million cries echoed in his mind,

At the words her sweet lips uttered,

"I'm sorry hun, but I have bad news",

His heart began to sink,

Who touched her? Who hurt her? Who did her ill?

Who would do such a thing?

He asked away as it was on his heart,

"Where the hell have you been Eileen?",

Her deep gasps on the phone did nothing to help,

Nor did the silences in between,

He searched for words, he found none such,

His heart hung by a single thing,

The simple answer of his dear love,

Should she explain everything,

"I snuck out again to do some things,

I didn't want you to know,

I told Jimmy, Jane and Emily,

And even sweet ole Joe,..."

A public fool he felt he was,

She left him and had told the world,

His mind went dark, his eyes, they teared,

The blood in his feet ran cold,

To what he heard next he knew no feeling,

And had not a word to say,

She whispered," I love you and I'm sorry,

But I forgot your birthday cake."

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