Silver Screens


So I'm gonna peel my heart open now,

Because just like in biology,

I disect things so we all understand better,

I'm aching for this fary tale to begin,

Romance-comedies are wonderful things,

I'm just hoping you know, just in case,

If you wish to, go,

NOT that I want you to AT ALL,

If I make you as blissful as you make me, STAY,

It's just I know it doesn't always end like it does on the silver screens,

And if you got fed up and you didn't want me,

I'd understand, I'd let you go, because I want you happy,

I might just love you more than stands my own good,

Even if it means my world crashing down around me,

I'd die to see you happy and it kills me to see you sad,

So if I make a single tear of yours drops unnecessarily,

And if you want me to make them stop verily,

Say the words,

And I'll say fuck Serendipity and all the other good love stories,

And bring on the emo and the lonesome nights,

I'll just cry until I stop believing in soulmates,

And then make do with your crazy cat-lady-in-the-woods plan,

Yes, you wouldn't have to worry about a thing,

'Cause lets face it,

I'm just moving across town,

But I'm crazy enough to cross oceans for you.

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