In Protest Against Adulthood

I can't believe that I have to do this stuff,

Stupid fucking proletarians,

Gimme fun, gimme sleep, gimme freedom from chores,

Responsibilty is for grown-up's and I've become yours,

You sit me down and teach and preach,

Complain and yell and bitch, I mean, speak,

Why can't you simply let me be,

I'm finished, I am done,

Say goodbye to good ole' me,

Who drinks and parties and stays 'till three,

And talks with the lovely chickie-dees,

All the fun is gone,

Where's the happiness and where's the love,

Stupid fuckin' proletarians,

Give me freedom or give me death,

Do I sound a little less stupid yet?

I could go on,

I could moan till dawn,

Grown-ups... *shrug* *yawn*,

Ehhh screw it I give up.

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